Taking a Break

Hello dear reader,

All is well and I hope all is well with you. Following dreams takes a lot of energy; I’m not rich or lucky, I just work my ass off. And after some stressful month-long traveling through three countries – and getting sick along the way – I am tired. Therefore I’m going to take a break lest I post cranky notes, and for now I’m off Facebook too. If I’ve something quick and fun to write about I’ll post otherwise I gots lots to study, lots to rest and some beach volleyball to plays.

You take care!

Till next time  :)



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2 responses to “Taking a Break

  1. You’re definitely entitled to take a break to take care of yourself and to fully follow your dreams. I’ll be waiting for you when you get back.

  2. beth wimmer

    i too will be here for you whenever you may return. enjoy the studies and beach volleyball. recharge yourself. :)

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